I'm a university student and I’m studying Electrical Engineering. I love interacting with people and traveling a lot. I'm a content creator and I always seek the next level for my work. And of course, taking care of myself is a must in this whole industry.

I am currently focusing on my studies in my last year, but generally social media and content production are my part-time job.

I love having a cup of good coffee along with some music, that's the best chilling time. I also love taking pictures since that's the only time I have for photography, and last but not least getting to hang out with my friends.

What I like about Amsterdam Grooming is difficult to answer with just a small paragraph, but I'll tell you the most important thing is the interaction you have with us, it's like we're friends and not only customers. And generally the whole idea of helping people with beard problems. Something that can build up the confidence of a man.