Terms of Service

At Amsterdam Grooming, the essential characteristics of the product are disclosed, for further information or questions about existing information, please send an email to support@amsgrooming.com.
All prices are daily prices and are only valid on the day of ordering your product. Prices can change regularly. The buyer will be billed at the price - if Amsterdam Grooming accepts the order - valid on the day of the order. All prices are shown incl. VAT.
The purchaser's order from https://amsgrooming.com/ does not constitute a binding acceptance, but a mandatory offer to Amsterdam Grooming to purchase the item under the terms stated. A binding agreement between the buyer and Amsterdam Grooming is only concluded when Amsterdam Grooming accepts an offer by the buyer on an Order Confirmation.

The account information you enter when purchasing products is sent directly in encrypted form (SSL), and only you and the Payment Service Provider have access to this information. Thus, no one else sees or stores the information about you. When purchasing with a credit card, the amount will be deducted from your account as soon as the goods depart from Amsterdam Grooming.

We accept Visa Card and Mastercard from all countries.

In the countries stated below we also use the following alternative payment methods:

Denmark: MobilePay & Dankort
Sweden: Klarna
Germany: Klarna & Paypal
Netherlands: Ideal

At the moment it is not possible to buy or pay with gift cards at Amsterdam Grooming

Complaints must be made within a reasonable period after receipt of the goods, and the buyer is thus required to check the products as soon as possible after arrival.
Amsterdam Grooming is not liable for direct or indirect loss as a result of the products ordered arriving late at the buyer’s address or the items ordered suffer from defects when the delay or errors are due to the buyer's act or omission or circumstances beyond Amsterdam Grooming's control. Examples: war, insurgency, unrest, fire, government intervention, seizures, currency restrictions, labor conflicts of all kinds, including strike and lockout or similar events. Amsterdam Grooming does not provide a self-guarantee for any products ordered, and the buyer only obtains the guarantees that the manufacturer issues to the buyer.

No personal information registered on https://amsgrooming.com/ will at any time be transferred, sold or made available to third parties. All information is stored reliably and is only available to trusted employees at Amsterdam Grooming.

Any electronic payments are secured with encrypted methods through the webshop system. The store system uses so-called cookies to control the contents of the shopping cart. We use these cookies to recognize you and, for example, remembering which items are in your shopping cart when shopping online at https://amsgrooming.com/. During a purchase, we will provide us with your name, address, and email address. This information is used exclusively for processing your order. The information is transmitted and stored electronically and stored for five years, cf. the Accounting Act. The actual "contract" (purchase agreement) is not stored at https://amsgrooming.com/ in a way you can log in and see/change status later. In addition, we register the IP address from which computer purchases are made. The information finds typically no use but can be used in a possible police investigation. The IP address is kept for as long as it is necessary concerning a possible police investigation. All fake orders are filed.

You can optionally get your email address on our mailing list at https://amsgrooming.com/, so you receive regular news and other information from us. This service can be subscribed and unsubscribed at any time, as desired. Cf. The Personal Data Act, we provide information on request, and by any objections, we make deletion to the extent desired. The CEO and the employees of LMFHA ApS have access to the information that is registered about you. As registered with LMFHA ApS, you are always entitled to object to the registration. You also have the right to understand what information is logged about you. These rights are under the Personal Data Act. Questions? Please contact LMFHA ApS by this email: support@amsgrooming.com

At https://amsgrooming.com/ our data policy is a high priority and we want to treat your data with transparency making it clear for you how we treat your personal information. For this reason you can read below how we treat and protect your personal data, what we use it for, who has access to the information and how to contact us.

We collect information about all visitors at https://amsgrooming.com/. We do this in order to improve your user experience, to evaluate how specific elements are used, and to support our marketing.

The collection of your personal data at https://amsgrooming.com/ always happens in compliance with standing legislation and the EU General Data Protection Regulation EU (GDPR). Your IP-address and all data relating to your navigation process between the various pages and services on the site is automatically registered by https://amsgrooming.com/. If you choose to subscribe to our newsletter, and when you log in it will also be processed, which will make it simpler for you at your next visit.

In connection with this process we use Google Analytics, which helps us measure certain traffic on the site, which ultimately generates an improved user experience for you.

The information available to us about the user stem from the following items:

Cookies enable us to collect your IP-address when you visit our site, as well as the choices you make, which items you place in your basket and the clicks you have made. Likewise, when you make a purchase we access information about demographic data, your favorite products, mailaddress, payment details, how often you make a purchase, and the time and date. This also includes mails such as order confirmations and dispatch notifications. Then your consumer behaviour and interaction in relations to e.g. mails gives us information about your opening speed, click rate, how long you spend reading our emails, which type of email you use and what domain you use.

The above mentioned user data is used for the following purposes:

Our customer services. In customer services we use your data as a means to answer your questions regarding active or previous orders and correct any mistakes. Then there is marketing, where it enables us to better show you products on offer and personal recommendations. Likewise we use it to give you a better customer experience. We can do this by personalising the way you shop at https://amsgrooming.com/, by developing new features, services and products. Obligation. We have some legal obligations to you as a customer when you shop at https://amsgrooming.com/ - this applies in the instance of purchase, invoicing and customer services.

Fraud prevention and risks, we do our best to prevent fraud and at the same time make risk assessments. Last but not least it is also in order to respect legislation.

Customer profiles

Based on the data, we have collection about you, Amsterdam Grooming will form separate customer profiles. The purpose of which is to give you personal deals suitable for just you and your search.

How long do we keep your data?

Your personal information will be stored as long as necessary in compliance with regulations for legal purposes, tax reasons, regulatory purposes, or other legal corporate purposes.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer’s browser directory or program data sub folder which makes it possible to recognise your computer at recurrent visits. They do not contain any sensitive data about you. By using our services, we assume that you accept the use of cookies.

Cookies are stored on your own computer and remembers your favorite products, how you navigate the site, in a way to improve your user experience and make the overall experience more agreeable. In some instances it may be necessary to employ cookies to enable a certain type of service on our website.


How you navigate on your browser is registered by https://amsgrooming.com/. This can include which brands you search for, categories and your product searches - all with the aim to improve your overall experience. One of the ways we collect data about your movements on our site is when you place items in your basket without completing your purchase. In this case you will receive a mail from us, reminding you that you did not complete your ongoing order. You can, however, renounce this type of mail at any time.

Analytical tool

We use Google Analytics to helps us measure certain types of traffic on the website, which ultimately contributes to creating a better experience for you. We use cookies for generating demographical and user related statistics.

In order to see who visits our websites, we use cookies to keep track of demographic and user related statistics. Subsequently we have the opportunity to adapt and create content and services consistent with the interests and wishes of you and your fellow users.

Third party cookies

https://amsgrooming.com/ uses different kinds of third party cookies, that sometimes also use cookies. You may opt out of these at any time.

When we use third party cookies, we do so to be able to collect statistics about your visits at our website. Through Google Analytics we can learn which of our pages you use and how long you spend on them.

You can opt out on Google Analytics at this address: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

Marketing/ re-targeting

To ensure that you are only shown adverts that are within your realm of interest and that are relevant to you, we work with such platforms as e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Emarsys, OneSignal, Youtube and Google. You have the choice to opt out of this type of adverts at any given time by removing your cookie.

https://amsgrooming.com/ contains third party elements such as "Facebook Recommend", "Facebook likes" or "Google+". Since Da https://amsgrooming.com/ has a collaboration which the owners of this third party components, they receive technical information about your browser, IP-address and which pages you frequent at https://amsgrooming.com/. We have no control of how these data are processed by the owners of the third party components, seen as this is strictly between you and the owner of the third party component.

We use these components to ensure you an easier path to our social media and being able to link directly.


At https://amsgrooming.com/ we also use several technical cookies to ensure greater functionality on our website. An example of these technical cookies is the cookies stored in order to keep track of the content in your basket, your favorite products and the like.

Is it possible to avoid cookies?

You can at all times block all cookies, delete existing cookies or get a notification prior to storing a cookies. The best position for you as a customer would be to read through our entire cookie policy before making any changes to your cookie settings. If you alter your cookies, it may result in a lesser user experience when you visit https://amsgrooming.com/ and some features will not be available.

How can I contact you in relation to my personal information?

You can always obtain the information we have collected about you, and you have the right to ask to have your personal information and other remarks corrected, should they be incorrect. In this event please contact https://amsgrooming.com/ using this mail address: support@amsgrooming.com

You can gain insight into which data we have collected about you and object to the registration in keeping with the relevant rules of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If we receive a relevant request, we will always remove, update or change your personal data in our possession, with the reservation that it must not violate any legislation.

If we estimate that the request received is a repeated objection without any valid reason, involves a major technical intervention, affects the personal data of others or that it is detrimental, we can reject the request. If you want to direct an inquiry pertaining to this, please contact customer services using this email address: support@amsgrooming.com.

Should you wish to make a complaint about the processing of your personal data, you are fully entitled to submit your complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office.

Protection of your personal data

It is a legal obligation to store your personal data in a secure and confidential manner. Which is why we take great pride in doing so, which in turn means that you can always rest ashure that we store these data with the greatest safety precautions. Nevertheless there is always a risk involved in data transfer on the internet, because we are not able to obtain 100 % security in that others may unrightfully gain access to it. This means that you provide your personal data at your own risk. We will erase and update your personal data on an ongoing basis.

We may need to update our policy regarding your personal data. It will be clear at all times when our terms were last updated, so you will never be in doubt. If any major changes occur, you will be notified.

You can contact https://amsgrooming.com/ by:
E-mail: support@amsgrooming.com
By phone: +4578768484

Amsterdam Grooming reserves the right to change and update the terms and conditions that apply to this website. It is therefore essential that you keep up to date on changes.

Our delivery time is usually 4-8 business days for all items in stock.

Your goods will be delivered safely and securely. There is free shipping to your private address or business address on all purchases over € 100. If your purchase is below this amount, please find shipping price at the checkout page.

Note! If you have consented to the product being placed without a signature, Amsterdam Grooming cannot be held liable for lost or damaged products upon delivery.

We always try to deliver the item as soon as possible. If the item is not in stock, there may be a longer waiting time.

You have the right to cancel your order within 14 days from the day you receive your product. After notifying us about the cancellation, you have 14 days to return the item/items.

To undo a purchase, the packaging and product must appear in mint condition and be completely unused so the product still can be sold. If the returned goods differ from the above, we reserve the right to make a reduced refund.

If you make use of your right to cancel an order within 14 days, we refund all your payments for the order including shipping costs (however, if you have chosen faster and more expensive delivery than our standard delivery, these extra costs will not be refunded). The money will be refunded with the same payment method/to the same card you have used for payment.

You always have the right to a minimum 2-year guarantee for faulty goods. If you wish to claim a valid error on an ordered item, please contact us as soon as possible after you have discovered the mistake.

Always contact our support at support@amsgrooming.com before returning goods, as the processing of your return case may otherwise be delayed.

If you are returning your goods after 14 days from you received the package, you must pay for the return of the package. If the fault is on our side, we will of course cover the expenses. Products returned unstamped or paid with a “cash on delivery” are refused receipt. When returning products, please use a distribution company that offers tracking - please don't use any alternative package distributors, this makes it impossible to track the item if these should be lost during return shipping. You should ship the item adequately packaged with a copy of the invoice and please state clearly the reason for the return on the return form.


Amsterdam Grooming
Lorentzstraat 33,
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The Netherlands

You can also cancel your purchase by refusing the receipt of the shipment.

These return rules apply to all items sold as distance sales (and for private sales).

The webshop is powered by,
Amsterdam Grooming (Lmfha ApS)

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Amsterdam Grooming cannot be held liable for costs that a failure to delivery may result. Please check the package for damages and defects before signing the consignment note. If you are in any doubt that the product may be damaged due to small defects in the package, you can receive the item with reservations. (This is written on the consignment note). If the packaging/item is visually damaged, refuse to receive it and let the distributor company take it with them on their return.

Do you have any further questions regarding delivery, please contact us!

The exact prices are tracked and stated in the purchase process.