I’m a former entrepreneur who recently swapped from entrepreneurship to sales. Today I work at Audi with the intentions - & focus of being a sales manager one day.

I workout a lot, I compete in competitive physique. My brothers are Boeing pilots, so was my dad so when the weather allows it i love to fly the Cessna 172 around Skåne.

One thing I love about CPH grooming is the incredible enthusiasm from you guys, the honesty and the no BS you provide. I always thought the hunt for a full beard was a lost cause due to poor genetics. But since I began CPH grooming (December 2018) I’ve started to grow thick & thin hairs on my upper cheek and jaw. As a businessman, I'm always skeptical about new products but you guys BLEW MY MIND.

A lot of my friends started with it as well👍🏻? Will I continue? YES. No doubt.