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€ 34 The Beard Hero Limited Edition

The Beard Hero Limited Edition

Our revolutionary beard oil, presented in a captivating universe created by Mr. Serranovski.

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The battle against frizzy beards

The battle against frizzy beards

The Frizzetes are here to make beards dry and frizzy.But have faith, The Beard Master is helping a hero return to the fight.

Join the battle with this special oil serum and fight dry and frizzy beards - let’s smooooth out the frizzettes!

It's an adventure

With an exclusive kit and a limited comic book, you are now ready to jump into the universe to battle the frizzettes.

The first 100 kits sold will be signed by the hero Simon Wang.

+ it comes in a fucking cool box.

The Beard Hero Limited Edition
Find the answer within

Find the answer within

The Beard Master has spoken. He has created and developed a hair fibre bodybuilder; a recipe with two active ingredients to enforce and strengthen the beards around the world.

The Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil softens dry and rough hair. It coats your beard with a thin layer that seals the water within, leaving your beard hydrated and nourished.

NaturePep® Amaranth increases the thickness of your beard. This active ingredient will provide you with a fuller beard, leaving each individual hair 11.3% thicker after just three applications.

The artist behind

To create this universe, we joined forces with the Colombian artist and illustrator Mr. Serranovski, who with his quirky lines, creative humor and imagination brought the character of Simon Wang to life.

With the world as his canvas, he creates ironic and thought provoking art that will put a smile on your face for sure.



Adrian W.


Zweifeln? Völlig normal, wenn man im ersten Moment an die "angebliche" Wirkung glauben soll ... Aber dann kommt das unglaubliche Produkt an - die Definition von Qualität - Einfach HEFTIG! Danke CG!

Ashley K


This beard oil serum is something else!! I love the texture and softness it gives my beard, and my wife absolutely loves the scent. I would recommend many products done by CG. Top quality product



Amazing oil. It soften all the beard and make it shine. Absolutely the best oil i've ever proved!

Emil Rörland Östlin


Its great! I use it everyday 20min after applying the beard serum. So much better than the beard oils i have used before!